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Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 16:11:22 -0400
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Jim, N6TJ writes:
<BR>> So, pretty much from early 1973 to Don's passing in June 1985, I <BR>> 
operated <BR>> many contests from W6AM, and spent literally 100's of hours 
there -<BR>> working <BR>> on the station and listening to him and the history 
of ham radio.&nbsp; <BR>> Don was <BR>> truly one of the pioneers (I think he 
got his first "license" in <BR>> 1912).<BR>> During the last couple decades of 
the W6AM rhombic ranch, it was <BR>> 'only' 9 <BR>> rhombics and 18 directions 
on 24 acres, 1234 ft above the Los <BR>> Angeles Basin, <BR>> right on the edge 
of the Pacific.&nbsp; During its heyday, Don's <BR>> property was 120 <BR>> 
acres with 13 rhombics and 26 directions. <BR><BR>Thanks Jim!<BR><BR>Very 
interesting and W6AM was certainly an icon and unique "hamonized" commercial 
installation of rhombics.<BR><BR>Would you care and remember to share some 
anecdotes about Rhombics performance vs. regular mortal's antenna 
installations?<BR><BR>I had Rhombic one summer, running FTDX400, and Kerma
dec expedition kept telling me that I was only NA station that they were 
hearing when the band was "dead" to NA. <BR><BR>I believe Rhombics are 
performing quite a bit better than what modeling software would indicate 
(calculated gain vs. real life performance). <BR><BR>Tesla RC has acquired 175 
salty - marshy acre Rhombic farm on NJ coast and we are looking forward to 
resurect it, any advice and experiences are greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>73 Yuri 
Blanarovich, K3BU<BR>Tesla RC, N2EE, NT1E<BR><BR>
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