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Re: [CQ-Contest] Casual vs organized "alerting"

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Casual vs organized "alerting"
From: "Robert Naumann" <w5ov@w5ov.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 08:33:07 -0600
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I didn't intend to suggest that there *should be* a time limit. Instead, my
questions were meant to point out how unrealistic (maybe even absurd) such a
definition of assisted would be. My summary statement of "No way" is the
answer to all of those questions I posed.

Bottom line of all of this (this is not specifically spelled out in any
current rules that I know of - but it should be) is that for you to be
assisted, you must either connect yourself to a spotting network of some
sort(packet, Internet, FM, or other) or use the assistance of others that
you have pre-planned or arranged to do so with. Nothing anyone else can do
during the contest can force you to change categories - even if someone
passes along some juicy DX info about a mult that you would not otherwise
have been aware of. The key thing to focus on is the random, unplanned
nature of such information being passed to you.

If someone were to make an arrangement or plan with others to provide such
assistance during the contest, pretending it to be random and unplanned, and
then claim to be un-assisted, which would mean that the person is being
dishonest and lying about it, that would clearly be cheating. Such an entry
should be Disqualified - not merely re-categorized.


Bob W5OV

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Casual vs organized "alerting"

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From: Robert Naumann <w5ov@w5ov.com>

While I understand the intent here to do things totally on your own, the
reality is that if I was calling CQ in SS, and someone randomly drops by and
says "hey Oven, VY1JA is up 10 if you need him", I would not hesitate to go
up 10 and work Jay. How could I ignore that information? Why should I? Is
there a limit to how long I should ignore it? 10 minutes, an hour... what if
Jay QSYs up 2? Would it be OK then? What if he never QSYs for the rest of
the contest? Is he off-limits to me because someone I did not ask to help me
told me about Jay's whereabouts? No way.

Great points, Bob.  Let's assume for a moment that a (or "some future")
sponsor actually defines the term, "assistance" which includes the intent of
"do things totally on your own" (with "do" being the operative...acting on
information, not simply having the information given).

What are the thoughts of list members as to addressing Bob's items above?
What are your thoughts as to a time-delay limit placed on acting on
unsolicited assistance?  I don't have an opinion...I'm trying to form one.

Ev, W2EV

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