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Re: [CQ-Contest] SO vs. SOA Scores

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] SO vs. SOA Scores
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Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 13:09:45 -0000
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>  W2UP wrote:
> > Single op with helpers to .... prepare meals  ....  is not 
> single op, IMO.
> You don't seem to be joking, so let me explore that statement 
> with you, just so we can set the boundary......
> If I accept your statement at face value, my XYL is not 
> allowed to prepare my meals on contest weekends.  She'll be 
> happy to hear that, I suppose.  

Your wife is on your property so, according to the vague definition of
assistance, you are not assisted you are a multi-op. Simple rule of
thumb.... On your property = multi-op / Off your property = assistance.

> Would it still be assistance if she didn't >prepare< the 
> meal, but went and got take out from Wun Hung Lo chinese 
> restaurant?  Hmmmm, probably still a no-no because although 
> she didn't >prepare< the meal, she still assisted by picking it up.

If Wun Hung Lo delivers, you are now a multi-op assisted because Wun Hung Lo
is assisting from afar but also coming to your property. Make sure you get
the delivery person's name and callsign for your log. If your wife picks it
up, same thing but the second op changes back to her.

> OK, I don't like chow mein anyhow.  I'll just >order in< a 
> giant pizza with extra anchovies.  Oops, but now the kid down 
> at Pizza Palace >prepared my meal< so I guess you'd still 
> consider me assisted.

See above.

> I guess I'll just have to go out to the kitchen and prepare 
> my own meal.  
> But then, who assisted me by stocking the icebox? 

If done before the contest, you are single op unless you talk your family
members about the preparation of the meal or anything else contest related.
Then you are multi-op.

> I guess it should be pretty evident by now that the only way 
> to remain "SO"
> under this rule it to go hungry all weekend.  Any SO caught 
> taking nourishment during the contest will be DQ'd.

Bring a small fridge and electric cooking surface into your shack and stock
it before the contest with all the things you think you'll need. If you
discover you've forgotten something, carry on and do without. Otherwise,
stock up on pre-made sandwiches (made before the contest and by YOU... no
need for possible conflicts) or other such foodstuffs... before the contest.

> Remember when Catholics couldn't eat meat on Friday.....  
> they had a papal dispensation for the elderly......  maybe I 
> can apply for that, as long as no one assists me with the application.

I'm not Catholic so I don't know but I would assume that if there is a papal
decree in effect that determines what you can or cannot eat on a contest
day, then you must be considered multi-op.

How'd I do Hans?

73 -- Paul VO1HE

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