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Re: [CQ-Contest] Fwd: K3 initial comments

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Fwd: K3 initial comments
From: Steve Harrison <k0xp@dandy.net>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 00:50:57 +0000
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At 04:37 PM 7/6/2007 EDT, PaulKB8N@aol.com wrote:
>I had just the opposite view, why not put them both on a concentric knob  
>like Omni VI?  I consider the RF Gain to be THE most important control for  
>receiving, but I think it is prudent to "bundle" controls that are used
>on the same shaft whenever possible.  Squelch concentric with the AF  Gain?  

Did they do THAT??? (haven't looked at the panel yet since why lust after
that which you can't afford for some time.....) Sheesh.....  that's the 2nd
thing I really hate about the controls on my TS-680S, the concentric
control behind the AF knob being the squelch. In fact, I've investigated
whether I can substitute move several pots around in this radio just to
make it more user-friendly; that's one of them. Fortunately, KW made the
two main pot clusters modular and best yet, they're still in stock and
affordable ;o))))

>That brings me to the width/shift knobs.  I always loved the Drake R-4  
>series, it was a stroke of genius by some ergonomics-conscious designer to
put  the 
>filter selection stem on the Peak control shaft.  What flexibility and  ease 
>of operation!  I don't know why Elecraft didn't consider something  like
>with the width/shift knobs.

That's the other concentric pot on the 680 that doesn't make sense: the IF
shift is concentric while its knob is the RIT, way up near the top so you
wind up having to rest your palm on the top of the radio, which is both
fatiguing and causes your hand to obscure the VFO readout. In contrast, the
TS-120S/130S did it right with the RIT down low enough to rest your hand on
the desktop and not obscure the rest of the front panel.
>This having been said, when I learned of the capabilities  of the K3, I 
>plunked down my money faster than an addict buying  crack cocaine.  I'm sure 
>I'm in for  a magnificent high!

I'll likely have to wait until "mine" has already changed hands half a
dozen times before it becomes mine ;o((((((((

Steve, K0XP
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