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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:38:46 -0700
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The K3 AF concentric control has Main AF Gain on the middle and Sub-RX AF
Gain on the ring.

The K3 RF concentric control has Main RF Gain on the middle and Sub-RX RF
Gain on the ring.  However, the user can menu select Squelch to go on either
middle or ring in place of RF Gain for that RX.

Ed - W0YK 

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> At 04:37 PM 7/6/2007 EDT, PaulKB8N@aol.com wrote:
> >I had just the opposite view, why not put them both on a concentric 
> >knob like Omni VI?  I consider the RF Gain to be THE most important 
> >control for receiving, but I think it is prudent to "bundle" 
> controls 
> >that are used
> together  
> >on the same shaft whenever possible.  Squelch concentric 
> with the AF  Gain?  
> >Huh?
> Did they do THAT??? (haven't looked at the panel yet since 
> why lust after that which you can't afford for some 
> time.....) Sheesh.....  that's the 2nd thing I really hate 
> about the controls on my TS-680S, the concentric control 
> behind the AF knob being the squelch. In fact, I've 
> investigated whether I can substitute move several pots 
> around in this radio just to make it more user-friendly; 
> that's one of them. Fortunately, KW made the two main pot 
> clusters modular and best yet, they're still in stock and 
> affordable ;o))))
> >That brings me to the width/shift knobs.  I always loved the 
> Drake R-4 
> >series, it was a stroke of genius by some 
> ergonomics-conscious designer 
> >to
> put  the 
> >filter selection stem on the Peak control shaft.  What 
> flexibility and  
> >ease of operation!  I don't know why Elecraft didn't 
> consider something  
> >like
> that 
> >with the width/shift knobs.
> That's the other concentric pot on the 680 that doesn't make 
> sense: the IF shift is concentric while its knob is the RIT, 
> way up near the top so you wind up having to rest your palm 
> on the top of the radio, which is both fatiguing and causes 
> your hand to obscure the VFO readout. In contrast, the 
> TS-120S/130S did it right with the RIT down low enough to 
> rest your hand on the desktop and not obscure the rest of the 
> front panel.
> >This having been said, when I learned of the capabilities  
> of the K3, I 
> >plunked down my money faster than an addict buying  crack 
> cocaine.  I'm 
> >sure I'm in for  a magnificent high!
> I'll likely have to wait until "mine" has already changed 
> hands half a dozen times before it becomes mine ;o((((((((
> Steve, K0XP
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