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[RFI] ATT U-verse Service RFI Issues

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Subject: [RFI] ATT U-verse Service RFI Issues
From: PaulKB8N@aol.com
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:34:27 EDT
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I recently switched over my TV service from Dish Network to ATT  U-verse.  I 
had used Dish successfully with almost no RFI issues with my  low-power HF 
contest station or my ATT high-speed internet.
When I switched over to U-verse cable service, I started to notice that my  
internet access was being knocked off the air whenever I'd transmit on 40M or  
lower in frequency.  This also froze the TVs in the house because with  
U-verse, everything is routed through the home portal.
BTW, I had put three to four of the DX Engineering #31 ferrite clamp-on  
chokes just ahead of each U-verse box, as well as on the power source and any  
wires going to the TV sets.
I called the ATT tech support line and the first level of support was  
worthless, but at least the rep knew enough to refer me to the next level.   I 
pleasantly surprised to talk with a rep that was knowledgeable of ham  radio.  
He recommended that we switch channels on the home portal.  I  was a little 
skeptical at first, since all the ATT channels are in a fairly  narrow 2.4 GHz 
range.  I was surprised to find no interference whatsoever  on the new channel. 
 I transmitted on all the low bands on a wide range of  frequencies and was 
very pleased that the home portal continued to work without  resetting.
I was quite surprised to have my wife report that the picture was still  
freezing up after we had cleared up the home portal problem.  The tech  support 
guy was surprised, too, so he sent a technician the next day.  The  technician 
didn't seem particularly knowledgeable, but was willing to try  whatever he 
could to solve the problem.  The first thing he noticed was a  right-angle 
connector on my main cable box going to the DVR.  He told me  that those 
have been very problematic for not maintaining a good ground  connection, so he 
removed it and plugged the cable directly into the wall.   Problem gone.  So 
far, so good.  I'll be running tests with the TVs  next weekend during NAQP.  
If I hear my wife screaming in the other  room while listening to CW on the 
headphones on, I'll know it's back to the  drawing board!
Conclusions:  I'm sure the clamp-on chokes have helped, but I'm also  
cautiously optimistic about the ATT tech support, those folks seem to really  
make an 
effort to help.  I'll post any future issues I run into.
Paul, K5AF

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