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[CQ-Contest] Listen to your QSOs with CN2R from previous contests

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Listen to your QSOs with CN2R from previous contests
From: "James Cain" <cainjim@mindspring.com>
Reply-to: James Cain <cainjim@mindspring.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 06:23:48 -0400
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This may be the coolest thing in contesting since memory keyers, or CT. I can 
barely imagine the foresight, time, and effort that Jim Sullivan, W7EJ, put 
into this so that we can enjoy hearing how we sounded in Morocco. 

Everyone will find special reasons to listen to his own signal, and maybe the 
signals of others. I went to "VY2ZM" so I could hear Jeff's 160 Meter signal in 
Morocco. The possibilities are endless.

I got to hear my signal from two different K1TN locations in Indiana, and one 
in Mississippi, all with 100 watts and a dipole. Now, I need to get something 
going here in New Jersey!

I got to listen to my "pileup technique," too, from the other end. I got right 
through, not because I was loud, but through frequency selection and timing 
(not to mention good ears on the other end).

Listening to these audio clips should make a lot of "stay at homes" think about 
operating from the Other Side. 

I think that this effort alone should make W7EJ a shoo-in for the CQ Contest 
Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, I hope Jim's web site doesn't melt down from all the traffic it's 
going to get!

Thanks, Jim, for your fantastic gift to all of us.

Jim Cain, K1TN
Atlantic City

P.S. to K5ZD: Your live streaming audio is fun, too, but you've been topped. 
What next?

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