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[CQ-Contest] Listen to your QSOs with CN2R from previous contests

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Listen to your QSOs with CN2R from previous contests
From: "Jim Sullivan" <jims@psws.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 17:55:12 -0700
List-post: <mailto:cq-contest@contesting.com>
I recently finished my project to put all of the CN2R contest QSO audio on
my website.
The audio is from my 27  CN2R contest operations (2001 -2007)..
97,000 QSOs are archived on the website.
Go to the Web Logbook:
Just enter your callsign in the 'Call/Prefix' field and hit your enter key
or click on the 'Search Log' button
If you have had any CN2R QSOs you will see them all displayed as a
row/column logbook snapshot.
Nearly all of the contest QSOs have a yellow highlighted background in the
first column.
If you click on your highlighted callsign, for one of our QSOs, that QSO
audio will play in a pop-up window.
You can select several of our QSOs to be active at the same time for year to
year signal comparison....
The audio is broken into 5 minute WAV file snippets. 
Generally a few QSOs are played, prior to your QSO, to hear how strong or
weak you were.
You can navigate, with most players, to any point in the 5 minute audio
On this same Logbook web page, you can use the dialog options to look-up the
it might be possible to work CN2R in the next contest.
Example: You are in VE3 land and you want to work CN2R on 160M in the next
    Select the 'Prefix / Partial call' circle button
    Enter VE3 in the  'Call/Prefix' field
    Select 160 Meters in the 'Band' field
    Click on the 'Search Log' button
A logbook snapshot will appear that shows all of the times I have worked VE3
on 160M
You can also use the 'Sort by' field to sort any displayed log by date,
time, contest ....
Give it a try. See you on 160M in CQWW 2007
The website home page is at  http://cn2r.net , with video,  photos, contest
73 Jim W7EJ, CN2R
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