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[CQ-Contest] PAQP Multipliers

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] PAQP Multipliers
From: Steve London <n2icarrl@gmail.com>
Reply-to: n2ic@arrl.net
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2007 13:27:28 -0600
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So, could someone explain to me why the PAQP organizers have chosen the 
following multipliers for in-state participants:

71 USA ARRL Sections
13 Canadian Entities

The 13 Canadian entities are not the same as the Canadian sections in SS. Nor 
are they the same as the 13 RAC sections used in other contests. In fact, if 
are a VY0 in Nunavut, you are totally SOL for the PAQP !

http://www.nittany-arc.net/paqsorules.htm . The html rules say "RAC Sections", 
but when you download the PDF file of the rules it says "The Canadian sections 
in use by the PAQSO party are somewhat different than those in use by the RAC 
this time. They are ... "

A little peer pressure, please, to get the PAQP organizers to wise up next year 

Steve, N2IC
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