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[CQ-Contest] [TowerTalk] Skyhawk, KT36XA, opinions requested

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] [TowerTalk] Skyhawk, KT36XA, opinions requested
From: "Larry Schimelpfenig" <k7sv@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 21:03:35 -0400
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>Since Leigh brought up W0UA's name (call) I sent George a copy of the
note and I am including George's reply below.

The real question I have is -- Has anyone taken a KLM KT34XA with
the 15M problem and modified it with the M-squared upgrade kit and
had the antenna perform properly on 15M as well as keeping the
20/10 performance?

--John   W0UN
I did and it did! I had the same experience with my KT34XA on 15 as George 
did after replacing the capacitor caps on his. That is SWR was good across 
all three bands, performance was tremendous on 20 and 10, and on 15 it just 
didn't perform. After completing the KT34XA to KT36XA upgrade, it became a 
real player on 15. There was no noticeable degradation of performance on 20 
or 10. Considering the improved 15M performance and the structural 
improvements I think the KT36 upgrade was money well spent.

I know of several individuals who also stated that their KT34XA didn't play 
at all well on 15 meters, but I know a few others who said theirs worked 

At this point the discussion is comparing the KT36XA and the Skyhawk. The 
KT36XA and the KT34XA are different animals. I know how well he KT36XA plays 
and would have no reservations in recommending it to someone.

73 Larry K7SV 

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