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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] A Contester's Dilemma,or when is it necessary to take the fall for someone else?
From: "Tom Osborne" <w7why@verizon.net>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 18:30:42 -0800
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Hi Bob

Probably not having that call in my log won't make as much difference as him 
not having my call in his log if he is a 'big gun'.  I contest just for the 
fun, not to actually win anything.

If a station does this all the time, (not acknowledge your call) and 
everyone takes his call out of their log, maybe they would get the hint.

Nothing that I hate more than to send my call corrected and have the station 
come back "TU QRZ."

To each his own I suspect.  73

> Tom,
> When you say "he didn't work ME", I think you are really saying "he didn't
> log my call correctly" which is not the same thing. You sent your exchange
> to him, you copied his, he just gets your call wrong and no matter what 
> you
> do, you can't get him to correct it. Well, that is entirely his problem -
> not yours.
> By removing that good qso from your log, you only hurt yourself. Yes, the
> other guy will lose credit, but he would anyway because he busted your 
> call.
> What's the point of reducing your own score unnecessarily?
> 73,
> Bob W5OV

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