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Re: [CQ-Contest] [CTDXCC] Heil ProSet Quiet Phone

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [CTDXCC] Heil ProSet Quiet Phone
From: "Bill Parry" <bparry@rgv.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 10:38:43 -0500
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Thanks Dennis,

I guess that the RFI problems in these headphones must be pretty common.
Since I sent the original e-mail and an e-mail to Bob Heil, I think I have
fix....at least one that works for me. 

A full description of my problem is that I get real nasty buckshot on SSB
and a loud thumping noise on CW on the high bands, not so much 40/80/160. I
also noticed that the RFI varies with the direction of the antenna. I am
using mine with the FT2000 and the 87A.

This morning I was trying to think what I might do to try to fix or at least
reduce the problem. I happen to notice the toroids that I used to use on my
old computer (before lightning strike). I picked up the biggest one and
began experimenting with different locations and different numbers of turns
through the toroids (snap on). I have had good luck with toroids before when
I ran into RFI problems.

I was successful. I found that a couple of turns on the toroid located about
halfway between the battery case and the radio stopped virtually ALL the
thumping. (Other locations did not do the trick). I had another toroid that
didn't seem to work...I guess not all toroids are created equal. I sent this
fix to Bob but I haven't heard back from him yet.

If you have some toroids in your junkbox, give it a try. I really like the
headphones a lot. The noise cancelling feature is real nice with a gaggle of
grandkids in the house.

Good luck,
Bill, W5VX

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From: Dennis Mowers [mailto:k5ya@gvtc.com] 
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 10:13 AM
To: Bill Parry
Subject: Re: [CTDXCC] Heil ProSet Quiet Phone

Bill--I have one.  I had many  RF problems using it with my FT-1000.  On 
40M, the problem would sometimes minimize, depending on which way the 
antennas were pointing.

On 20M, I had a complaint about signal quality, and being broad, but it 
was during a contest, and from a ragchewer who felt I shouldn't be on 
his Sat morning freq, so I'm not sure if it was a real problem.

Anyway, I gave the Quiet Phone to my XYL Sharon (W5YAA).  She uses it on 
a TS440.  Her operating desk is located within 5 ft  of me.  She has no 
problems.  We often operate at the same time, each of us usually doing a 
single op in the contests. 

Her amp is an 87A, like mine, and sits 4 ft from me.  Her antenna 
switching, is through my WX0B Six Pak, so there is plenty of opportunity 
for coupling between us, but we seldom have any problems, and none 
associated with the Heil sets. 

So there you are, I don't know what to say, I'm just glad that she can 
use the Quiet Phone.  I was going to sell it before we found she could 
use it.

I didn't try any RF elimination tricks on my radio, just wasn't that 

So there you are, apparantly works for some people, or is it just some 


Bill Parry wrote:

>I got these as a Christmas present and have had difficulties. The first set
>had some kind of intermittent in the little battery case, so I called and
>they replaced the headphones. Both sets seem to suffer from RFI. If I turn
>the noise cancelling part of the headphone on, I get a lot of loud
>I don't have this problem in my other Heil headphones, and these work OK
>without the switch turned on.
>When I mentioned it to the folks at Heil, they said that these headphones
>were very complex.  I am wondering if this is a problem inherent in these
>headphones or something that I have here. The loudness of the thumping
>actually varies with the direction of my beam heading and the beam is quite
>a ways above the shack. I haven't had any problem with RFI in the shack in
>the past.
>Anybody else have one of these head sets?
>Bill W5VX
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