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Re: [CQ-Contest] wideband receivers and contesting

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] wideband receivers and contesting
From: "Tod -ID" <tod@k0to.us>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 08:49:01 -0600
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Some really interesting ideas Tor and a pleasant change in discussion

I know you pass Randy's contesting activity test because I do find you in my
contest log a bunch of times over the past five years unlike W4TV who I have
never managed to work yet. I am pretty sure that is because he is a DX
Contest op and probably sits out the domestic contests, however. 

Your Number #1 and Number #2 below are pretty close to a analog bandscope
except they are digital in nature. So far no one has suggested shutting off
the bandscopes on their rigs to avoid falling into the 'assisted' category
so I would assume they should not generate impassioned emails.

Number #3 is really intriguing because it only suggests 'where to look' and
leaves the copying up to the operator. 

I guess I would have to say these are all 'assisted' things but the "good"
'assisted' like computer logging etc.

Tod, K0TO

Tor, N4OGW. Said -
> You guys are thinking way too narrowly :)
> 1) program it to beep (or whatever) if it picks up a 
> significant signal. No need then to check on 10m manually as often.

> 2) program it to count the number of signals on a band. Can 
> plot these in real time to see how propagation/activity is.

> 3) program it to pick out cq'ing stations and put markers on 
> your bandmap. How? Way easier to program than skimmer, just 
> look for signals that keep a fixed frequency over a certain 
> time (>1 minute say). 

> Could pick up really weak signals that 
> way. Then you could S&P through a band (copying in your head 
> of course) without touching the "knob", but being zero beat 
> to nearly every station. 
> Any of those "assisted"?

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