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Re: [CQ-Contest] What are YOU doing this summer in preparation for next

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] What are YOU doing this summer in preparation for next year's DX contest season?
From: Alfred Frugoli <ke1fo@arrl.net>
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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 14:17:20 -0400
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Having looked at my Sweepstakes CW scoring report, I need to focus on better
CW copying skills, especially with number groups - I often make a mistake on
the middle numbers of a group of 3 or more numbers.

I too am focusing on my health.  If you don't believe that will help, look
at some of the contest writeups on 3830 by WC1M, or find pictures of any of
the world's top operators.  Few (if any) are out of shape physically.  I'd
like to take off 30lbs by CQWW RTTY.

I'm also focusing on learning more about N1MM Logger.  I've just made the
switch, and have yet to operate an actual contest with it, but I think there
could be several advantages (that would help increase score) to using this
great software to the fullest extent possible.

73 de Al, KE1FO

K3 #3055
K3 #4094
Check out my Amateur Radio Contesting blog at ke1fo.wordpress.com.

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 2:41 PM, <k1zr@comcast.net> wrote:

> Now that I'm back in the game big-time after taking a few years off (I had
> to unfortunately) to help build a successful high-tech start-up I'm focusing
> on two things this summer in addition to building a new station to help
> prepare for the 2010/2011 contest season.
> 1.  Improve my CW copying ability.  I can run stations at 35 wpm all day
> long but if you asked me to carry on a lengthy QSO at that speed I'd huddle
> up in the fetal position and start sucking my thumb. My goal before the end
> of the summer is to comfortably rag chew at 35+wpm.  Unfortunately I cannot
> operate 24/7 so I've loaded up my Blackberry with dozens of CW mp3's
> from the ARRL's website and listen to them daily during my 62 mile commute
> to/from the office.
> 2.  Remain in top physical condition.  To be a great operator I strongly
> believe that you must be top physical shape to endure the pain of a 48 hour
> DX contest.  I've lost the extra pounds that I didn't need by exercising
> regularly and making minor changes to my diet and now feel better than
> ever.  If you're thinking 'this guy's nuts, there's no chance that being in
> shape will positively influence my contest score' I challenge you to give it
> a try.  The worst case scenario is that your contest score stays the same
> and you end up becoming a healthy operator.
> I'd like to know what others are doing this summer to prepare themselves
> for next year's DX contest season other than adding aluminum and upgrading
> equipment.
> -Shane K1ZR
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