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Re: [CQ-Contest] arrl correction factor

To: Rick Dougherty NQ4I <nq4i@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] arrl correction factor
From: Tom Haavisto <kamham69@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 23:26:43 -0400
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As Tom - W8JI has indicated, I don't see where such a scheme helps me
much, and folks west of me - who have even a tougher time working
Europe than I do - don't get much help either.  Spend a few minutes
with Jim - VE7ZO, and I am sure he can fill you in on how propagation
is from this part of the world.  It is what it is, and its a LOT
different than what you are seeing in the sunny south.  Then again, no
hurricanes here either :-)

However, I see a far bigger problem looming.  Lets assume you succeed
in your assault on Newington, and they implement the change you seem
so desperate to have.  What then?  EVERY major contest will then be
subject to the same pressure to "level the playing field" because
someone, somewhere is disadvantaged by where they live, and it would
be only fair to fix the scoring on those contests as well.  Pretty
soon we will all need computer logging and scoring to try and figure
out where we can get the most points, what countries we should try and
work, and and and on.  Then, we need to tweak the scoring a bit more
to make up for the folks that got short changed in the last set of
scoring adjustments...  So we tweak it some more.  And on and on we
go.  To what end?

EVERY contest is not fair to someone, somewhere.  At the same time,
that does not mean we cannot get on, have some fun, and do our best if
that is our motivation.  With skill, practice, good engineering and a
bit of good luck, we can even win sometimes.  That is why we have
different contests at different times of the year.  You win some, you
loose some, and hopefully it all evens out in the end.

Please stop trying so hard to "win" the ARRL DX here on the Internet,
and do it on the air - just like the rest of us.  If YOU cannot build
a winning station where you live, that's not MY problem.

Tom - VE3CX

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 7:29 PM, Rick Dougherty NQ4I
<nq4i@contesting.com> wrote:
> Here goes my take on how to fix ARRL.....
> assign points on the following formula
> 1000 miles = 1.0 points
> 2000 miles = 2.0
> 3000 miles =3.0 at so forth...so if W1 workd a DL1 and the distance is
> 2800 miles that equals 2.8 points
> W4 to DL1 is 3700 miles = 3.7 points
> W1 to JA = 10,000 miles = 10 points
> w4 to JA = 12,000 miles = 12 points
> W1 to FP8 = 370 miles = .37 points
> W4 to FP8= 1100 miles = 1.1 points
> It is a fairly easy alogrithym to implement....use the distances
> provided in the dat file in each computer based on the lat long of the
> stations.

> It will need to be tested to see how it affects score...but it is
> straight line distance based scoring system. I propose to make it fair
> it should go both ways..i.e. the DL1 station would get the same amount
> of points also...this would sure level things out.
> My whinning and complaining for the day.
> NQ4I
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