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Re: [CQ-Contest] Assisted or not assisted question (yet again)

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Assisted or not assisted question (yet again)
From: "Bob Naumann" <W5OV@W5OV.COM>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 04:30:04 -0500
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I apologize that my reply to the message below was cut off somehow but
here's the gist of what I intended to say:

The perspective that is being taken in this comment from K2PO is essentially
"if it's not specifically precluded, then it's allowed" and I strongly
disagree with that perspective on contest rules - in general.

Instead, because of limitations on contest rules writers, and the unforeseen
advances in technology (like RBN) the perspective should be the opposite. 

That is (essentially): "if it's not specifically allowed, then it's
precluded". While this may seem excessively limiting, the single operator
category is *intended* to be limiting at its core. It is one operator doing
everything related to his on the air activity - alone.

Again, I go back to urging that we focus on what Single OP means - and not
confuse that with what an assisted operator might or might not be.

I think the distinction between using a CW Keyer or a logging program and
connecting to the RBN to "test propagation" is obviously and significantly
different without doing a great deal of analysis. These comparisons are "red
herrings" to be sure.

While we could have a very esoteric discussion of where the line of
technology that is permitted ends, to me, any technology that extends one's
reach beyond the confines of the station or the abilities of the operator to
collect information (including RBN and all forms of "Skimmer" systems)- on
which operating decisions are based etc. clearly is beyond what the single
operator should/would/could do.

I would be in favor of the single operator category including a restriction
on the use of any internet or wireless telephone technology during the
contest that in any way impacts of influences the actions of the single
operator during the contest. I would not want to preclude the operator from
taking a phone call from his XYL, but I would not want him "checking
propagation" through his iPhone connection to the RBN - for example.


Bob W5OV

P.S. This is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent any
contest committee that I am a member of.

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Assisted or not assisted question (yet again)

> The traffic on this question posed lots of opinions responsive to Igor's
> question.  But a better answer might be: When in doubt, see what the rule
> says.
> The rule doesn't say "operating assistance is prohibited."  (N1MM sends my
> CW, it tells me where to point my antenna, and (with supercheck partial)
> it
> alerts me to possible errors in call signs I copy.)
> For the WPX contest, what the rule says is that single ops are prohibited
> from using "any technology or outside method that provides call sign and
> frequency information regarding any other station to the operator."  (Rule
> IV(e).)
> This "any other station" language allows spot checking for your own
> station.  (Your own station is the one station that is excluded by this
> "any *other* station" language.)
> Kudos to the WPX committee for writing a rule that is clear.
> ("Assistance"
> rules in many other contests lack such clarity.  Note that the CQ WW
> assistance rule is different than the CQ WPX rule quoted above.)
> Folks can (and should) debate whether the policy effected by the rule is a
> good one.  But there's no debate about what the rule is.
> (The 500m "one operation" site rule IV(f) is inapt to Igor's question.  It
> applies to all contestants.  If rule IV(f) were construed to prevent Igor
> from spot-checking his own call, such construction would similarly prevent
> spot-checking by assisted stations.)
> /Bill, K2PO
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