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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] LOCK X - 403A
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Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2013 18:23:15 -0000
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I must make one comment regarding the email below.

There are many multi-op stations that use more than one station on a band.
This allows them to interleave other QSOs in with the running station.

In the CQ WW DX Contest, running on two frequencies on the same band at the
same time is prohibited by rule.

IX.7. Only one signal on a band is allowed at any time. When two or more
transmitters are present on the same band, a hardware device MUST be used to
prevent more than one signal at any one time. Alternating CQs on two or more
frequencies on a band is not permitted.

Tools for station automation are great. Read the contest rules carefully
before you decide how to use some of these tools.  Not all contests treat
dual CQing in the same way.

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] LOCK X - 403A
> Hi Folks
> My friend Ranco 4O3A sent to me a year ago, (as a gift) the device LOCK
> X.
> PY5ZBU Don developed for us  in 1989 an interlock mechanism for our MM
> Multinational operation ZW5B in 1989.
> With the available technology at the time Don made it happen. It was a
> Multi National team and  all participants showed a big surprise with the
> "machine".
> At that time it was fantastic to use this interlock on 10 meters setup
> managing two pileups on the same band having only one signal at the same
> time. It was a very complex relay box with hundred of meters of wire. Hi?
> I used the LOCK X once in Florianopolis on a M/S operation and I was
> really impressed with the performance of it.
> We decided to use the machine on this  ARRL 10 meters contest on a M/S
> attempt ZW5B.
> We had the main station operating with our monobanders antennas and
> K3+ACOM2000+DB42 as a multiplier setup.
> This LOCK X is really a piece of cake. You can be sure you have only one
> signal at same time.
> LOCK X is taking care about interlocking two or three transmitters with
> simple button pushing. Each of the three transmitters can be interlocked
> with any other, or can be disabled from interlocking if not necessary.
> Green LEDs are indicating which transmitters are in INTERLOCK, and red
> LEDs are blinking when one of the transmitters is active
> I strongly recommend the use of this marvellous device.
> Thanks Ranco
> Best regards
> Oms
> PS      I´m using at ZW5B HP filters and SAC X automation control also
> made by 4O3A
> Everything works perfectly
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