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To: Joe <nss@mwt.net>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Programmers,,,,,
From: Rob Van Geen <rvangeen@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 09:51:08 -1000
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I recall seeing, at Dayton contest suite, some 30 years ago, a CW QSO
simulator device that Tree, N6TR, developed using a Z80 CPU. I also
remember a similar box by MFJ.

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 4:15 AM, Joe <nss@mwt.net> wrote:

> Being from the stone age, I have no idea if something like this is even
> possible to do. But it would be sooo awesome if someone was able to do this.
> This is my line of thinking,
> We first have the Dayton Pile up contest.
> http://www.kcdxclub.com/pileupintro.html
> With it's competition to copy calls from a massive pileup.
> This led to the awesome interactive version of it,, the Morse Runner.
> http://www.dxatlas.com/morserunner/
> It's just like being some rare DX and playing in a contest.
> Then the blending of Morse Runner And N1MM
> http://k7og.net/?page_id=235
> So now you have the pile-up AND your usual logging program, A virtual
> contest station!
> Now Programmers can anyone take this to the next step?
> Think of the Dayton pile up contest as how this started. CW
> Now we have an equivalent but in SSB from HB9ELV SSB PILE UP Trainer
> https://soundcloud.com/hb9elv/ssb-pile-up-trainer
> Anyone smart enough to take a file like this, and make a equivalent SSB
> version of Morse Runner?
> Maybe in the next CQWW a giant gun station could record the whole contest,
> to use as the source of audio files?
> Just thinking,, I have no idea as to even if something like this could be
> made.  but wouldn't it be neat?
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