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Re: [CQ-Contest] TO7A debacle

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] TO7A debacle
From: donovanf@starpower.net
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 02:38:44 -0400 (EDT)
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Something is really wrong with this TO7A public log. There are a few brief 
runs on 160 meters scattered through the log, and they're all very familiar 
calls to 160 meters operators. Then there's this run that was first noticed 
by EA5RS that looks all wrong. Most of the calls are not regularly active 
on 160 meters and only a three appear in PJ2T's 160 meter log: 

QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0437 W9FML         
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0438 K6NO          
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0439 ON4TO        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0440 OZ1CTK        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0441 AC5RN        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0442 RA3QSY     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0444 G3ZHL    
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0445 DL7SBV  
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0446 DL8OK    
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0447 OH3M     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0448 SM2BLY  
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0449 UT5URW        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0450 K4LNN        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0451 DL3TU        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0452 LA5HE       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0454 OE3V        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0456 OK1EK       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0457 SP3CQP      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0459 OM1LA       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0459 K0PJ       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0502 PA1BR       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0504 PY1NP       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0506 LZ1MG      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0507 RW3PK      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0508 R6KY      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0509 9A2JK      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0511 LU2YE     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0512 N3XF       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0513 W2OR      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0515 YU1QU     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0517 EA4FL     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0518 W9FY     
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0518 N5HI       
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0519 EI2KC      
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0520 KG8P        
QSO:  1830 CW 2014-11-30 0522 EA8MT 

Am I missing something? 


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From: "k3it" <gokoyev+k3it@gmail.com> 
To: "Richard F DiDonna NN3W" <richnn3w@verizon.net> 
Cc: "CQ-Contest Reflector" <cq-contest@contesting.com>, "Frank Donovan" 
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 2:22:26 AM 
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] TO7A debacle 

UT5URW does not appear on 160m in any of the 7000+ logs except TO7A's. There is 
also a second NIL QSO with UT5URW in TO7A's log on 20m. Andrey lives in a high 
rise apartment building and doesn't have a 160m antenna as far as I know. 

What's interesting is that UT5URW almost never sends in contest logs (his main 
interest is DXing - I think he is missing only the Bouvet Island). The last log 
submitted before 2014 was in 1995! But he is active in almost every CQ WW, 
chasing DX and giving out points to friends. Just never bothers to submit the 
log. What a surprise in 2014! 

I grew up with UT5URW and I know that he keeps absolutely meticulous record of 
his activities. There almost no chance that he could make a QSO without 
logging, especially if it's a non-trivial 160m DX contact. 

curious if these NIL QSOs exist on the SDR recording. May be someone else was 
pretending to be UT5URW ;) 

73! Vasily K3IT 

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 7:17 PM, Richard F DiDonna NN3W < richnn3w@verizon.net 
> wrote: 

Frank, I looked at this with some spot checks: OE3V, LA5HE (Rag!), SP3CQP, etc. 
Your team did not work any of these stations; nor did K3LR; nor did DL1A; nor 
did CN2AA - on any band... 

Looking a the log of ON4TO, the op made his last QSO at 2310z on 11/29 and it 
looks like he went to bed. He resumed operating at 0608z on 11/30. 

Odd indeed. 

73 Rich NN3W 

On 5/10/2015 5:14 PM, donovanf@starpower.net wrote: 


You've discovered an extremely unusual pattern in the TO7A public log 
that's very difficult to rationalize. 

Three of the 160 meter European QSOs in TO7A's log have public logs: 
ON4TO, UT5URW and R6KY. There is no TO7A 160M QSO in 
any of these logs. 

There's a remarkable run of 160 meter European QSOs from 0437-0608Z 
Sunday in the TO7A's log but a lack of any of the very active 160 meter 
European calls in the TO7A log.. It would be interesting to try to find the 
European calls in the 0437-0608Z TO7A 160 meter log and also the 
PY1NP and LU2YE calls in the 160 meters in the logs of other very active 
160 meter stations such as CN2AA, 9K2HN, HK1NA and PJ2T. 

I suspect only a tiny fraction of the European calls in that 0437-0608Z 160 
meter run appear in any 160 meter log and PY1NP and LU2YE 
probably won't be found either. 

This unusual pattern may also appear elsewhere in the TO7A log... 


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From: "Juan EA5RS" < ea5rs@ono.com > 
To: cq-contest@contesting.com 
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2015 6:08:57 PM 
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] TO7A debacle 

Interesting debate, but I am afraid there has been some misleading 
info/assumption on the reason for TO7A's DQ. 

I have not studied the log in detail, but if you are curious enough, have a 
look at TO7A's 160m log: 
Not one single station with a public log in zones 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20 or 
33 claims working TO7A on 160 
Yet TO7A's log claims having worked 29 stations in these zones. 
Most of these 29 QSOs are unique calls at least on 160, most do not have a 
public log, and if they have a public log, the 160m QSO with TO7A is not 

Maybe this has something to do with why he has been DQd 
I have performed a similar scrutiny with some of TO7A's competitors logs but 
I haven't found a similar situation 

Just public logs data (5,8 million records) and some database code 


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De: CQ-Contest [mailto: cq-contest-bounces@contesting.com ] En nombre de Stan 
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Para: W0MU Mike Fatchett 
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Asunto: Re: [CQ-Contest] TO7A debacle 

On 5/9/2015 12:11 PM, Lloyd Cabral wrote: 

After following this thread, my only wish is that Randy would have 

inquired here for another e-mail address 

for Dim, or another source of contact with him BEFORE bringing this issue 

mainstream. Accusations as 

serious as this should first be handled privately with the accused given a 

fair chance to defend himself. 

Stan K5GO hit the nail on the head with his previous post. IMHO, taking 

Dim's case public right off seemed 

premature, unprofessional and totally unnecessary. 
Lloyd KH6LC 
On May 9, 2015, at 3:15 PM, W0MU Mike Fatchett < w0mu@w0mu.com > wrote: 

The guy got caught red handed and you people want to hang those that 

caught him. 


I wish you had told everyone you had information showing or even saying he 
got caught red handed a long time ago. Do you have some information that 
says he was caught "red handed"? 

Everyone else is reading what has been written and the email posted on the 
reflector says that the committee had a "belief" that he was using 
assistance and substantiated the fact that it was a "belief" by asking him 
to provide a recording (not required in the rules) in order to further 
evaluate the situation. However, even in that email, the bottom line and 
last sentence, after what would appear to be an attempt to communicate some 
hope that there would be further evaluation, said emphatically and in no 
uncertain terms that he was disqualified for 2014 but welcome to enter in 

I am not making any assumption this process is as cut and dried as you would 
like it to be. 

73...Stan, K5GO 
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