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Re: [CQ-Contest] Little Pistols Running: begs the question - do they wan

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Little Pistols Running: begs the question - do they want to?
From: "Stephen Bloom" <sbloom@acsalaska.net>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 08:22:11 -0900
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Hi Doug:

Good point.  I/we came up with suggestions ..but you are correct ..we didn't
actually address the question ..

I don't think the opposite Sideband is a great suggestion ..for people who
weren't in on it ...we'd spend a few minutes wondering "wth IS that?"
...followed by another waste of a minute or two putting pins in our KR2Q
voodoo doll :)

If you truly want to S&P yet work each other ...one thought is to work out
an agreed set of frequencies on the high end and a window (say 30-45 minutes
past the hour) ..and work each other Sprint Style.  One Q ...calling guy
gets the freq ..one q etc.

Steve KL7SB

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Little Pistols Running: begs the question - do they
want to?

Scott said:
I wanted to explore how we might enable and encourage more mainly S&P
operators to call CQ so we can work each other. 
[end snip]

A lot of guys simply ENJOY S+P and do NOT enjoy running.  I think this is
especially true of the so-called "casual" guys you later refer to:

Scott said:
It could keep a lot of casual operators from getting bored and turning off
their radios [end snip]

But casual guys DO want to turn off their radios; that's one definition of

As a QRP contester for the last several decades (except this contest season
where I ran LP in a few contests), and one who is very serious, I can tell
you that it is difficult for me to run out of guys to work when doing just
S+P.  This is especially true in the high SSN years (and especially on 10m).

Further, it is not a lot of fun to call CQ over and over with no replies.
LP or "little gun" guys running HP will probably have a bit more luck than I
did (QRP), but probably not enough to enjoy trying to RUN.  Serious guys
(who might, for example, run LP) are going to stay in there, no matter what
and they show up as successful because of their stamina to keep CQing.  As a
QRPer, I'd much rather keep my rate up via S+P than call CQ to have 1 (or
less) callers per minute.  

Thinking that the S+P-only crowd wants to a place to run is possibly
misplaced logic.  I would hope that some S+P-only guys who read your thread
would respond and let you (us) know if they would actually like to RUN.

I get what you are saying, "Let's work each other," but when the bands are
packed there is, as you point out, "no room."  And when the bands are
packed, there are plenty of guys to work using only S+P.  If the bands are
not packed, then you DO have room to call CQ (run).  But if the bands are
not packed, it is likely for a reason and that is probably exactly when the 
S+P guys who try to "run" are going to be disappointed - a lack of 
S+"action."  But maybe I'm

I suppose some "casual" guys want to get on and do zero S+P, but they don't
meet your criteria.  Most of them (that I know) are actually "big guns" who,
for some reason, can't be serious, so they get on for X hours and RUN RUN
RUN, because they can.  But I don't think those are the "casual" guys you
mean to refer to.  They are defined as "casual" because they are not putting
in a full effort (perhaps only a few hours).

I'd hate to leave the discussion with out a possible answer for you, so here
is a totally out of the box attempt.  On SSB (on the "high" bands) go the
"top" of the band, change to LSB and call CQ.  Of course, you'd have to get
the word out to enough "casual, S+P guys who want to try to work each other"
to get it to work.  Sorry, but for now, that's my best shot at an answer.

Good luck and I know I'll see YOU on the bands.

de Doug KR2Q
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