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Re: [CQ-Contest] How to make WRTC more like the Olympics?

To: 4O3A Ranko <yt6a@t-com.me>, cq-contest@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] How to make WRTC more like the Olympics?
From: Martin LU5DX <lu5dx@lucg.com.ar>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:40:20 -0300
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Hi Ranko,

What we call "Competition" is really getting out of our hands. I think we are at a verge and we have two possibilities, we adapt and change direction, or contesting will continue to suffer and degrade.

Being realistic there are to many factors that cannot be controlled in our hobby.

I totally agree with you on the general rules.

Furthermore, what about regional mini-wrtc like events at a regional or country level?

Taking LU as an example, all those willing to qualify for the main event should enter IARU HF Championship Field Day Style in a delimited area say (50 KM radius, similar terrain profiles, etc).

This could be done twice prior to WRTC.

Local Clubs and groups would supervise the whole event.

To make things simple the same equipment should be used by all. Say 100W a tribander and wires for the low bands.

That should be lots of fun, promote camradery and serve as an exercise for the main event.

Also, WRTC rules should be standardized and not left to the criteria of organizers, that also is part of real Olympics, you don't see the rules changing every four years.


Martin LU5DX

El 16/08/2016 a las 08:54 a.m., 4O3A Ranko escribió:

As we all know, the goal of WRTC is to be our Olympics.

I think that in order to achieve this, the qualifications need to be in the same spirit. They need to be transparent, and no score should be at even slightly shady or suspicious.

Unfortunately, recent qualifications didn't look like that at all. I will not comment on the qualification scores except that some are extremely questionable.

I will propose to the WRTC committee to define set of general rules regarding qualifications. In order to participate in the qualifications, operators must sign up as a qualifier for WRTC
and accept these new general WRTC rules.

If they don't comply, they can’t qualify.

General rules:

 * Only station that sign up can qualify for WRTC competition
 * During a qualifying contests period, a contester must accept anyone
   who wishes to inspect his equipment and monitor operating.
 * After any qualifying contest ends, audio and video of the whole
   contest must be uploaded immediately to a dedicated WRTC server for
   possible inspection.

These are simple rules that would significantly reduce cheating. They would allow for self-control within our community. They would show that WRTC and fair play stand together.



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