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[CQ-Contest] Clarification: WAEDC and IARU Bandplan

To: "'Saulius Zalnerauskas'" <ly5w.sam@gmail.com>, "'Tonno Vahk'" <tonno.vahk@gmail.com>
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Clarification: WAEDC and IARU Bandplan
From: "Helmut Mueller" <helmut@photo42.de>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 07:34:25 +0200
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Clarification: WAEDC and IARU Bandplan

Dear fellow contesters and participants of our WAEDC contests.

The rule we are discussing today is part of the WAEDC rules for approximately
20+ Years! To my knowledge we never ever disqualified or penalized 
20+ anyone for
operating outside the IARU recommendations. I am definitely sure for the time 
since 2010 when I took over as the contest manager for WAEDC.

We are NOT going to disqualify anyone 2016 in the 62nd edition of the WAEDC 
contest for this particular rule! 

With the CW leg already in the books and SSB this weekend, this would be a huge 
game changer in the middle of the season, after 20+ years and also in view of 
the WRTC 2018. 

We might be able to remove the QSOs in question from the scoring, what would be 
a fair approach for everyone. Some participants detected their mistake and 
already sent the QSOs as XQSO in their Cabrillo log file. This way it would not 
be counted towards the score. 

For now we suggest to follow the rules and do NOT operate inside the contest 
free segments. You are in very high danger losing these QSOs anyway. 

According to IARU recommendations operation should be avoided outside 
contest-preferred segments. No operation to take place on:

CW : 3560-3800; 7040-7200; 14060-14350 kHz
SSB: 3650-3700; 7050-7060; 7100-7130; 14100-14125; 14300-14350 kHz.

This part of the WAEDC rules will be under review for 2017, so please check the 
rules before the 2017 WAEDC contest series starts all over again.  

Nevertheless it is highly recommended to follow the IARU Bandplans at all times.

73 de

Helmut Mueller (DF7ZS)
WAEDC Manger

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