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[CQ-Contest] RTTY CR LF

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] RTTY CR LF
From: Eric NO3M <no3m@no3m.net>
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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017 11:15:36 -0400
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I recently acquired an old Model 28KSR teletype machine to do some old-school RTTY operating....

Works great but it seems the predominant current practice is to use a CR (carriage return) without an accompanying LF (Line Feed) in contest macros. This causes the machine's print position to be reset to the beginning of the line and type over the previous text, what a disaster! Software like Fldigi, MMTTY, etc. seem to handle CRs as CR/LF, so the problem is not obvious unless you are using an old hardware setup.

I was surprised at the number of offenders in the SCC this morning. While copying one station in particular, his CQ kept typing over itself, and at least 2-3 QSOs along, the machine was still printing on the same line, each QSO completely unreadable!!

Request: if you are using CRs in your macros, accompany them with LFs, or don't use either

Realizing that this practice is probably the "new standard"... are there any TUs (terminal units) to interface with the Model 28 that can simulate a CR/LF when a CR is received? I'm guessing no because of the nature of the teleprinter, everything being interpreted mechanically and thus adding an unsent character would throw everything afterwards off.....

73 Eric NO3M

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