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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Ideal monitor size
From: kostas sv1dpi <sv1dpi@otenet.gr>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2017 07:57:18 +0300
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After all these replies, I can understand why N1MM+ asks for so much room in my screen. Everyone seems to use a huge (for me) monitor! I don't use n1mm exactly for this reason. It considers that I have a huge screen (I have not - just a 22") and a quick and new computer (just an i3 with 4gb here). And if I have a normal setup in my home (as I think), how can I use n1mm in my club's station where the best computer is a dual core (the most are pentium4) and we still have a 15" monitor in one of the computers (ok the run computer has a 22"). I believe there are many shacks with a similar configuration. Of course we use other programs as wintest and writelog which both ask for much less room... I believe n1mm+ should improve his layout to fit in smaller screens (I am talking for a minimum number of windows that we all need) and not to update to wider and wider screens. When I tried to open more than one rtty windows in n1mm, my screen was out of space! Instead I can have 4 rtty windows in the same screen using writelog...

73 Kostas SV1DPI

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