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[CQ-Contest] LED Lighting RFI

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] LED Lighting RFI
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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 20:28:54 -0000
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Wigi: There's a Soaps Channel? Thanks for the info! As Johnny Carson used to
say, I did not know that.


What contesting I do is from an apartment so there's only so much I can do
about RFI. My end-fed wire is right outside the building and it picks up all
the random RF being generated inside. I have had good luck with MFJ
switching power supplies. I use one for my TS590S, another one for the auto
tuner in another room, and a third, a 0-24 vdc variable supply for the
laptop computer. 


A couple of years ago I tried unplugging the OEM 120 vac supply for the Dell
laptop and the noise level in my radio dropped about 3 S units! That was
when I bought the MFJ variable supply to put 19 vdc into the laptop. 


When I get on the air I pretty much unplug everything else in my crib:
especially, the cable modem box and the cable feeds to it and to a TV in
another room, to try to avoid my transmitter's RF getting into the cable TV


W7VO has the right idea: use a little transistor radio (remember them?) to
sniff for RF. 






Thanks for the post, Scott... We have a pernicious noise problem from power 

supplies at KL7RA... from the DirectTV boxes. We can take them offline, but

would prevent ops from watching "The Young and The Restless" reruns on the 

Soaps channel. I am curious if there are any suggestions for quiet switching

supplies for the random home electronics??


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