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[CQ-Contest] Noise Blanker recommendations

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Noise Blanker recommendations
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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 19:26:43 -0000
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The culprit is alternating current, which has a pesky habit of generating
Hertzian waves all over the place. Solution? Buy a couple hundred acres in
Idaho or Montana, etc., and run everything on direct current from a wind
turbine or solar panels. 






On 10/22/2017 7:27 PM, John Geiger wrote:

At one time I thought I had localized it to a house

about 4 houses to the west of me, but the house is now unoccupied, but the

noise is still there.


On 10/23/2017 2:47 AM, WW3S wrote:


Doesn't mean anything, if that house still has power, it could be a motion
sensor light or dusk to dawn type..... 


Right. Any sort of device with a switching power supply will create noise,
AND most noise blankers are likely to be ineffective, because it's not
impulse noise. 


This search for a better noise blanker may be misguided. The solution to
most noise issues is to kill it at the source. 


FWIW -- the best noise reduction I have ever heard (and it is amazingly
good) is in NR0V's control software for ANAN radios. Warren is the
inventor/developer of the Pure Signal algorithm. I visited his QTH (only a
few miles from mine) a year or two ago and he demonstrated it to me.
Warren's software might work on your noise. 


73, Jim K9YC

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