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Multiple Data Entry Windows?

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Subject: Multiple Data Entry Windows?
From: n6tv@vnet.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 11:49:21 PST
Now that we have 50 lines to work with, will CT 9 have multiple data
entry windows?  This is very good for two-radio operation.  One window
is dedicated to Rig 1, the other to Rig 2. Need a way to bop back and
forth between the two very easily.  Then you can check for dupes on
one band while the other window is in a CQ loop.  Typing in the
CQing window stops the CQ loop.  Typing in the dupe check window does

You could also set up two data entry windows on the same band so that
you can record partial callsigns that you pick out of the pileup (or
record two calls in one shot).

This is one of the features of WriteLog for Windows that I really

Bob, N6TV

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