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Subject: IRQs, IRQs
From: dieven@almaden.ibm.com (Dick Dievendorff)
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 94 12:15:13 -0800
One of the systems I use is an IBM PS/2 (unfortunately a 286) that
has a MicroChannel bus.  MicroChannel does permit IRQ sharing, the
technique is described in the BIOS Technical Reference.  I think it
amounts to having the IRQ handler filter out its own interrupts and
pass those it doesn't recognize to the prior handler.

Are the interrupt handlers in COMTSRx written this way?


Regarding CT 9 and 386-only:  I recognize the need to progress, but
for those of us who still own 286-based machines, it would be Real
Nice if we could continue to network them so that a CT version 8 and
CT version 9 machine could co-exist on the net in the same contest.

I'm NOT asking you to continue to enhance 286-based versions, but to
provide network compatability.

I understand this places some demands on MERGE.

73 de Dick Dievendorff, AA6MC

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