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CT8 R2B8/B2R8 Problem

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Subject: CT8 R2B8/B2R8 Problem
From: ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com (John Ross)
Date: 13 Jul 94 15:39:34 EDT
Has anybody sucessfully used B2R8 and R2B8 to convert a IARU log? If so, I'd
like to hear from you, because as far I can tell it doesn't work.
The problem is that if you B2R8 to convert a IARU bin file, it "appears" to
run ok and the resultant file is quite readable. Then I run R2B8 on the
EXACT same file (no editing performed). It runs without error (it thinks).
But if I now bring up CT with this "new" BIN file, it's corrupted. What was
1400 Qs is now 126 Qs! The problem appears to be in the header of the
file since the first indication that anything has gone wrong is that the
initial screen (the one where you tell it Name, addr, contest type etc) has
lost the first digit of my zip code. All info after that is one digit off.
For example, my zip is 07901 and my Club is FRC. Screen now shows my zip
as 7901 and my club as RC. Contest type has changed to C160. Even if I
go through the screens to correct these errors, it doesn't work.
I've called CT-BBS and downloaded the latest versions. They do the same
Anybody else seen/heard this? Any info appreciated.
73, John - WB2K    73321.2502@compuserve.com

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