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CT8 R2B8/B2R8 Problem

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: CT8 R2B8/B2R8 Problem
From: ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 94 17:10:54 PDT
Ref:  Your note of 13 Jul 94 15:39:34 EDT

Many people seem to have trouble using R2B8.  You are not alone.

Assuming you used B2R8/R2B8 on a Version 8 log, you could easily lose
your header if you erase the .BIN file before you run R2B8.  R2B8
looks in the current directory for TWO files, filename.BIN (to get
header information only), and filename.RES (to get QSO information).
It really does a "merge" of header information and QSO information.
Many users don't understand this, so they erase the .BIN file before
running R2B8.  That is when they get into trouble.

Just follow the procedure outlined below, and you should have no
problem.  Do all this from a single directory!

1. Copy IARU.BIN A:IARU.BIN (Make a copy of the original .BIN file on diskette,
                             for safety)
2. B2R8 IARU     (Reads IARU.BIN, creates/replaces IARU.RES)
3. Edit IARU.RES (Using an ASCII editor, not a word processor that might add
                  its own funny characters)
4. R2B8 IARU     (This reads the old IARU.BIN to get header information, then
                  it renames it to IARU.OLD.  Then it reads IARU.RES to
                  create a new IARU.BIN with the old header information and
                  the new QSO data from the .RES file.


Bob, N6TV

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