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TRUNC_BI -- a very handy CT utility

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Subject: TRUNC_BI -- a very handy CT utility
From: n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 94 15:24:18 PST
Seems a lot of folks may not be aware of a CT utility called TRUNC_BI.EXE.
It works with either version 8 or version 9 .BIN files.  Older versions
do NOT work with Version 9 .bin files, so be sure you get the new one.

TRUNC_BI is NOT included on the CT 9 distribution diskette, but you
can get it from the CT-BBS.  (AD1C:  TRUNC_BI is so small, how about
UUENCODing it so anyone can retrieve it via Internet?)

TRUNC_BI truncates all the QSOs from a .BIN file, leaving all the
header information (CW messages, name/address/contest/rig/network setup
etc.) untouched.

Log a few fake QSOs before the contest, verify that everything works, then
right before the beginning of the contest exit CT and enter

  TRUNC_BI filename

(leave off the .BIN part).

All the fake QSOs will be emptied from the log, and you'll be ready to
go.  At that point you can safely do:

  CT filename -now

No need to go through the setup screens, as everything will still be there.

TRUNC_BI is much more convenient than erasing or renaming a .BIN file.
Be careful, though.  It does NOT keep a backup of the log the way that
other utilities like MERGE do.

Bob, N6TV

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