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CT help/etc

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Subject: CT help/etc
From: 0002349723@mcimail.com (Tom Frenaye)
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 94 21:30 EST
1) In trying things out before CQWW SSB I noticed that when you start the
contest at 15Z and then display rates with CTL-F9 the QSOs made during 15Z show
up as 00Z on the graph. 

2) I couldn't find any information in the manual on how to use CT with two
radios as a single operator.  I even asked the aging contesters on 3753 one
evening and their experience didn't help.  So, I was resigned to using two PCs
and a null modem to set it up as a two TX M/S or M/M setup but with one
operator using both keyboards.  After a couple of hours of hassling with it and
not getting it working (musta been the null modem cable and 9-25 adapters, or a
flakey com2-3 board), I noticed that the CT Help file referred to ALT .
(ALT-period) to switch radios.  OK, I read the manual again and there wasn't
anything there that I could find - maybe it is but I didn't see it.  OK, let's
imagine how it could be designed... 

In Communications SETUP there is a selection for RADIO1 and RADIO2 (plus
rotator 1 and 2), and in the startup screen it asks for models for Radio1 and
Radio2.  So, let's make an educated guess.  I defined Radio1 and Radio2 as
TS-850 since I have two of them.  Then run a straight through serial cable to
each radio's RS-232 and define it under the Comm SETUP menu.  Wow!  It works.
One computer and two radios.  Use Alt-period to switch between radios so you
can log based on either one's RS-232 information.  Nice! 

Now for the question - is there also a way to easily switch the DVP or CW
output to the selected radio at the same time? 

(and how about adding some of this stuff to the manual, circulating it through
the contest reflector and/or sending a brief item to the NCJ?) 

3) Is the most recent MASTER.DTA file really dated 1993?  Anyone successful in
created their own versions of MASTER.DTA? 

73 Tom  K1KI  2349723@mcimail.com 

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