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K1EA returns to the internet

To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Subject: K1EA returns to the internet
From: ken@packetcluster.com (Ken Wolff)
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 14:21:02 PDT
After a two minth absence, I'm back! My address has changed to ken or
k1ea@packetcluster.com. Note that the old domain 
name had one less 'e' in it (packetclustr).

I now have a borrowed TS50 to get TS50 stuff working. The band problems in
FD are cleaned up. I still haven't looked at R2B9 and B2R9. I'm told they
have problems.

Automatic band switching control for radio two has been added to LPT2 so you
can use a pair of TopTen Devices antenna switches. Unfortunately, the
radio1/radio2 control bit for single op, multi transmitter conflicts with
the antenna control on LPT2. I am going to move that bit, but haven't
decided where. If you are impacted by this change and have an opinion, send
me e-mail.

Version 9.24 will be up this weekend on the CT-BBS.

Packetcluster.com accepts anonymous FTP logins. There is a write only
directory called incoming and a read only directory called outgoing. We will
start populating it with all the usual files. Anybody know how I can
distribute copies to registered users via FTP without giving it to everyone

Thanks for waiting 
Ken Wolff (ken@packetcluster.com)

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