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PK-232 help for CT

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Subject: PK-232 help for CT
From: ad274@lafn.org (Randy Powell)
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 09:55:24 -0700

Hi Frank. Not much of an opening to EU from California on my 
tribander for WAE this morning so I thought I'd answer you 
quicker than the response that I got.
I also was unable to see anything from my PK-232 in the packet 
windows with CT -- I posted my query on the CT BBS and two 
months later (!) Larry Amodeo kindly gave me the hint:
Sure, it made me feel Mesozoic to hear the fix was that simple, 
but what the hey . . . ..
1. Turn OFF PK232.
2. Load TSR(s), in your case COMTSR2, start CT and set comports, 
   multi-op etc.
3. Bring packet window up with ALT-T.
4. Turn on the TNC and type * (Enter) until the PKT and CMD
   LED's come on. You should now see PK-232 welcome message.
5. Type MY (call) (ENTER).
6. Type DA 9508121635 (set the date/time).
7. Type C (PacketCluster node callsign). The CONV and CON LED's 
   should come on, and you should see the welcome message from 
   the node. 
8. After you've finished typing commands to the node, type 
   ALT-T to go back to logging mode.
I have not been able to make the PacketCluster feature of CT V9.23 
work under Windows 3.1, so I run CT under DOS 6.21.  It's a cool 
feature that I gather is not a high priority with the CT programmers
as leaving out the fact that you have to turn the TNC on AFTER 
getting CT going is a rather important tidbit of information that 
should be included in the manual.
Good luck!
Randy Powell NZ6N

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