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V9.26 Key via LPT1

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Subject: V9.26 Key via LPT1
From: ct@dl6rai.muc.de (Bernhard Buettner)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 18:18:50 +0100
Re: LPT1 trouble in 9.26

Just some more facts: we tried 9.26 this afternoon during the prepartions 
for next weekend trying to key the built-in TS850 voice memory via LPT1.
It did not work. Switched back to 9.23 and it worked. I don't believe it is
in the OS. Using a 386 with 2 MB, DOS 6.22. Also tried it on the second
computer, a 486 running DOS 5.0 with 8 MB. No difference. 9.23 works,
9.26 doesn't.

73 Ben
[] Bernhard Buettner (Ben)
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