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dvp problems/ mic impedance?

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Subject: dvp problems/ mic impedance?
From: hremijn@zeelandnet.nl (Henk Remijn) (Henk Remijn)
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 95 20:15:00 UTC
Today I connected my DVP to a FT101ZD. With the microphone output
connected to the set the input voltage drops. The input voltage is so
low that their is no output from the transceiver anymore. Even with
the mic gain at maximum.
Everything else works fine, I can record and playback, the PTT switch
is working but no output.
It looks like the 101 has a too low input impedance. (500-600 ohm).
So, some questions.
-Does anyone know what the input and output impedances are of the DVP?
(For the mic as well as for the speaker).

What is the input of for instance the FT1000D (usually our rig, but it
has a problem.)?

Hope someone can help before the contest.
We will be in the contest anyway. Special on low bands.
See you from PI4ZLD.


Henk Remijn                             Systems engineer at
PA3EOB (JO11WM)                         Cargill Wet Milling
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