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[ct-user] ct and win98

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Subject: [ct-user] ct and win98
From: thompson@mindspring.com (thompson@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 15:45:05 -0400

>Dick K3DI said:
> >
> I never had trouble with CT on a Windows computer.  First I boot > off the
A: floppy that has DOS 6.22 and sets the paths to ignore
> Windows and only find paths to DOS & CT files.  It is not clar to> me
which DOS you used; if it was the Windows DOS then I would > not trust it --
mostly because I have never used it. (I love> Windows for most
applications.)  73, Dick, K3DI
Dick is right the Windows Dos (its 7 with W95) and no number with W98 (or W
2000 Beta) is a very limited DOS (no Dosshell, no backup and restore, why?
Because they expect you to use point and click in Windows 95/98 for most
functions.  DOS 6.22 is the last DOS with a full set of commands.

Hopefully CT will have a W2000 version available shortly.

Dave K4JRB

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