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[ct-user] ct and win98

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Subject: [ct-user] ct and win98
From: Steve Baron - KB3MM" <SteveBaron@starlinx.com (Steve Baron - KB3MM)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:38:52 +0100

Understand your point I think.

Here is a sightly different way of looking at it.   DOS is really the
operating system and all that CT or many programs require.  The distribution
media for DOS however also contains utilities e.g. FC for comparing files
and add ons like the DosShell which are really not part of DOS and are not
required for programs like CT to run.  Indeed if you are running one of the
utilities you could not be running CT.

So, the DOS that ships with 95 and 98 is really not limited or crippled in
any way some of the utilities simply are not there or provided as part of

Guess one could say that if one did not want to run the 95/987 versions of
the utilities, why buy 95 or 98.  Just stick with 6.22.

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To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
Date: September 29, 1999 8:50 PM
Subject: Re: [ct-user] ct and win98

>>Dick K3DI said:
>> >
>> I never had trouble with CT on a Windows computer.  First I boot > off
>A: floppy that has DOS 6.22 and sets the paths to ignore
>> Windows and only find paths to DOS & CT files.  It is not clar to> me
>which DOS you used; if it was the Windows DOS then I would > not trust
it --
>mostly because I have never used it. (I love> Windows for most
>applications.)  73, Dick, K3DI
>Dick is right the Windows Dos (its 7 with W95) and no number with W98 (or W
>2000 Beta) is a very limited DOS (no Dosshell, no backup and restore, why?
>Because they expect you to use point and click in Windows 95/98 for most
>functions.  DOS 6.22 is the last DOS with a full set of commands.
>Hopefully CT will have a W2000 version available shortly.
>Dave K4JRB
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