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[ct-user] Linking Laptops

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Subject: [ct-user] Linking Laptops
From: Robert Naumann <n5nj@gte.net> (Robert Naumann)
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 14:19:13 -0400 (EDT)
Hi George;

I copied the list so everyone could see this.

We used ethernet at V26B in October and it worked perfectly.

37 meg - 16,000+ qsos - we just missed breaking the NA multi-multi record.

The problem in most cases, as you found is that your computer does not have
the DOS "enabler" included as it only is intended to support Windows
networking.  Therefore, when you run DOS, the operating system cannot "see"
the PCMCIA sockets nor what is plugged into them.

Cheap PCMCIA Ethernet cards usually come with the enabler and also the
required "packet driver" (which has nothing to do with packet radio).  I
have found that the cheaper they are, and the less known their name, the
more likely they are to come with a full assortment of drivers.

Then, before you start CT, the NETTSR loads in place of a COMTSR.

Some of the more expensive, current PC's also support the DOS Enabler, like
my IBM T-21 P-800 notebook from work.  It screams when running CT!  It has
built-in Ethernet.

The information on K1TTT's website guides you through setting these things
up properly.  Once they're up and running, it's great!  One computer going
out does not disrupt the network etc.  The nice part is, you can use older,
less powerful machines than are required to actually run Windows.  There are
a lot of cheap or even free computers out there today that are ideal for
running CT like this.

That all said, you must configure and test all of this before you get on the
plane to go anywhere and verify that it actually works.  Once it does,
you're all set and can enjoy it.


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 > The other option that is becoming popular is to use K1TTT's Ethernet
 > replacement "NETTSR" for the COMTSR program with standard 10 mb
 > Ethernet cards in the laptops.


In trying to make this work, I found that DOS will not see the PCMCIA
Ethernet cards.  You need a second set of drivers to handle that, and then
the K1TTT drivers are used to allow CT to see the network.  I could never
the DOS drivers to work.  Have you been successful with that?

I will forward to you the message I sent to Roger.


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