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[ct-user] LPT-keying with WIN NT 4.0 does not work anymore

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Subject: [ct-user] LPT-keying with WIN NT 4.0 does not work anymore
From: DK2GZ@aol.com (DK2GZ@aol.com)
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:05:24 EDT
Hello CT-user,

i use a notebbok with WINNT 4.0 and service pack 6.

Therefore i used service pack 5 and CTWIN 946 and the LPT1 keying worked=20
With the new service pack 6 I can=B4t key the TRX via LPT1.

Tried several CT-version, CT950, 953, 953WIN, 946, 947 and
927, cant find any version to key via LPT1 now!

The interface cable is o.k., tested the same cable with my WIN98 SE desktop=20
without any problem,=20
but want carry the desktop-system to the contest qth !

Had also a problem with the system-time running CT, the clock in the=20
CT-windows runs always
behind the cpu system-time after a short time and the difference getting=20
greater and greater,
the only version without that problem is CT953WIN !

Will do the WPX CW in May and use the NT notebook running CT.
Do I have to buy or loan a second notebook for contesting?

Anyone have the same problem and the solution for it?
Have also the DLLIOPORT.SYS like for the N1MM logging software on the system=

73 de Harry, DK2GZ

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