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Subject: [ct-user] Re: Linking Laptops
From: KEN SILVERMAN" <k2kw@prodigy.net (KEN SILVERMAN)
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 10:20:07 -0700
> You have two options:
> 1, Use serial cables and the LOOP configuration. You can find the
> description on the CT homepage.
> 2, Use PCMCIA Ethernet cards and K1TTT's network driver.

One of the options to consider is the cost of the network too.  If you want
to maintain radio control on a serial port (in addition to the network), you
will need to buy a PCMCIA Serial I/O card so you maintain two serial ports
in the -Loop configuration.  I haven't looked at the price recently, but I
think they are still in the $130 range per card.

If you dont want/need radio control, you can run the -Loop network from the
existing Serial port with no extra PCMCIA cards etc, just the "network"

On the other hand, you can buy new PCMCIA Ethernet cards for $30 or less,
and can even find 10BaseT cards at the flea markets for $10.  Even at
retail, a small hub and 3 Ethernet cards can be had for the same price as
one PCMCIA Serial card.

Too bad I had already invested in big $$ for multiple PCMCIA serial cards
before the Ethernet system was really working well.  :-)

Kenny K2KW

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