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[ct-user] NASprint log help

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Subject: [ct-user] NASprint log help
From: "RICHARD BOYD" <ke3q@msn.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:50:13 -0400
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Hi.  I downloaded version 10 to be able to use it in the NASprint Saturday, 
and did.
It didn't calculate the score or keep track of multipliers, though. 
Otherwise, it seemed
to work so I went with it.  Kept track of the calls, dupes, prompted me with 
name and
state for a QSO on the second and third band, etc.

With the tight log deadline (7 days) for the sprints, I need to get the log 
whipped into shape fast.  What have I done wrong and/or what can I do? 
Thanks.  73 - Rich, KE3Q 
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