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Re: [ct-user] NASprint log help

To: "RICHARD BOYD" <ke3q@msn.com>, ct-user@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [ct-user] NASprint log help
From: "Ken Wolff" <ken@k1ea.com>
Reply-to: Ken Wolff <ken@k1ea.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 18:29:50 -0400
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Did you have sprint.dat? Did the summary window show zero for everything? 
Mults, QSOs and score were OK in 10.01.010 that I used.

A couple of notes on using CT in the Sprint.

1. Proper Sprint protocol says that when you answer someone else's CQ he sends

    <your call> <his call> <exchange>

    then you reply with 

    <his call> <exchange> <your call>

    By sending your call last it indicates that you get to keep the frequency 
and invites others to call you.
    CT implements this by checking the serial number field.

    If the serial number field is empty when you press <Ins>, it sends <his 
call> <your call> <exchange>,    meaning he called you. Otherwise, it sends 
<his call> <exchange> <your call> because you called him. In other words, when 
it's your turn to send the exchange always press <Ins>. 

2. Put a simple 'R' in F3, so it does the right thing when logging and 
confirming with the '+' key.

3. Use super check partial in "Log Only Checked" mode. Use F8 to bring up the 
check partial window, you will see "Log Only Checked" in the window frame. As 
you type the log is checked and calls you need are highlighted, just as you are 
used to. For example, in the past test, typing NT will probably bring up N2NT 
and N4NTO. This is really useful during S&P.

4. Use "NOWORKDUPE", which will send the QSO B4 message if a dupe calls in and 
you press <Ins> to work him. Of course this is personal taste, and you might 
not want to turn this on. There is something broken in the current version of 
CT as, this didn't work for me Saturday night! Change the QSO B4 message with 
Shift F9.

5. If you *really* don't want to work dupes, start CT with the -KA switch 
(named for K5KA). Now when you press F4 to call a station, it won't transmit if 
the station is a dupe. Instead it writes a DUPE message on the screen. This 
violates the "Principal Of Least Amazement" and may confuse you if you are not 
ready for it.

6. I'm working on a "sprint friendly" version of two radio mode, but it isn't 
ready for prime time. I hope it (and I) will be better in February. I have only 
operated the sprint a few times, but the common wisdom is to use a single radio 
in a number of sprints before attempting two radios.

7. In the Cabrillo file (KE3Q.LOG) CT reports your state with a line like:

The robot likes:

So change it with a test editor before you send it in.

Did anyone else notice funky CT behavior during the test?

73, Ken K1EA

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> From: "RICHARD BOYD" <ke3q@msn.com>
> To: <ct-user@contesting.com>
> Date: Tue, Sep-14-2004 5:02 PM
> Subject: [ct-user] NASprint log help
> Hi.  I downloaded version 10 to be able to use it in the NASprint Saturday, 
> and did.
> It didn't calculate the score or keep track of multipliers, though. 
> Otherwise, it seemed
> to work so I went with it.  Kept track of the calls, dupes, prompted me with 
> name and
> state for a QSO on the second and third band, etc.
> With the tight log deadline (7 days) for the sprints, I need to get the log 
> whipped into shape fast.  What have I done wrong and/or what can I do? 
> Thanks.  73 - Rich, KE3Q 
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