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[ct-user] CTWin question

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Subject: [ct-user] CTWin question
From: Don Richards <donsay2@cox.net>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 09:06:57 -0700
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I used CT Win version 10.03.002 in SINGLE OP status and was surprised 
with "happenings" in this past CQ WW DX SSB Contest.   Perhaps I have 
been "asleep" as to recent events but, after entering a call letter in 
the log, the zone for that station was automatically supplied (and it 
could be correct or incorrect).  As I recall, when using older versions 
of CT Win, I had to listen and type in the zone as it was given to me by 
the other station.  Also, in this contest, when I worked multiple 
stateside zones (duplicating zones already worked) scoring would 
increase with each such contact.  Further, after using WRITELOG and 
WRITECAB" twice (in preparation for submission to CQ) I got two 
different scores.  Anyone else experience this or similar "odd" results 
when using version 10.03.002 and the updated cty file?

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