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Re: [ct-user] trunc bi.exe and QSO B4

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Subject: Re: [ct-user] trunc bi.exe and QSO B4
From: "pfizenmayer" <pfizenmayer@qwest.net>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 20:20:01 -0700
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Does anyone know if this utility "trunc bi.exe" can be used to remove
contacts from CT10.03.002 DOS versions ?

Also I was playing with ARRL DX CW and don't seem to be able to get CT to 
send a  QSO B4 message with a dupe entered or get the beep with a dupe. 
Space bar brings up the dupe line under the fields OK.

SOUND gets the laptop sound OK. BEEP entered. And WORKDUPE entered. But no 
BEEP and no QSO B4 message although it appears in the F9 register and plays 
when you use ALT-F7.

And my old manual says when I enter a dupe in S&P and press F4 to send my 
call - it should inhibit sending my call - but does not do so.

I suspect its operator error but where am I going wrong ?

None of this is a show stopper but was just tuning up for ARRL DX CW .

Thanks - Hank K7HP

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