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RE: [Karlnet] Bandwidth restrictions

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Subject: RE: [Karlnet] Bandwidth restrictions
From: "Charles Chia Sheng Wu" <cwu@cwlab.net>
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Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:25:15 -0500
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>Ok, guys, better to set bandwidth cap on the CPE (on the Interface setup)
or on the base (thru the Turbocell access list)?

>And if it's set on the CPE, should it be restricted on the Ethernet
interface, 802.11 interface, or both?

The bandwidth throttling limit works on the outgoing of the interface it is
applied on
to clarify, a limit in the Ethernet box (under interface setup menu), would
only apply to traffic going out the Ethernet port (in terms of how we use
RGs as CPEs, this would be equivalent to a download limit)

and vice versa on the wireless interface

w/ version 3.x, it was possible to assymetrically setup bandwidth throttling
(by specifying different limits on each interface)

so far, w/ version 4.0x, assymetry doesn't seem to work right (dunno if this
will be fixed w/ the upcoming 4.2x release)

below is some more info that might be useful




any more questions - you should contact your KarlNet reseller <g>


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