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[Karlnet] Re: Karlnet Digest, Vol 25, Issue 10 - "We are routed also,tha

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Subject: [Karlnet] Re: Karlnet Digest, Vol 25, Issue 10 - "We are routed also,that was a major improvement."
From: "David Clark" <david_clark@riverlink.ca>
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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 09:58:06 -0500
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I read with interest the comment that changing to a routed network was a big 
improvement. We are 100% switched at the moment with just one (Mirotik) router 
at the broadband feed. Our speed to the clients is OK (average 720 kbits, 
sometimes more, sometimes less) but I feel it should be better. I have upgraded 
to 4.45 most places and instituted most of the other recommendations except 
going to a routed network. 
What kind of inprovement did you see ? And did you have any VPNs that you had 
to NAT/PAT ? How did you implement it (ie. where are your routers) ?


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  Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:44:45 -0600
  From: "Rick Snider" <rick@snider.org>
  Subject: [Karlnet] More on System Delays and Locks
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  I have read the "Lockups" threads -- here is a problem situation that
  I would like some comments on.

  The problem system is an assortment of RG1100, RG1000, KN100 and KN105
  boards with Teletronic
  200 Mwatt, Teletronic 100Mwatt, SMC 200 Mwatt, and Orinoco Silver cards. But
  all running 4.46
  firmware. AP is an AP-1000 repeater one hop from the main access point to
  the internet.

  Connection to the AP-1000 is 2.4 Ghz link with excellent RF Level (Ch 1 with
  30+ SNR  each way)
  and excellent ping time ( < 10 almost constant ).

  All users have good to excellent SNR and can be pinged. So the system looks
  stable and working. Users can ping the AP-1000 some times and some times

  Now the scary part. Each user can get a web page to begin loading, but
  always times out or
  at best loads slowly. Confirmed speed tests from an assortment of users
  24 K Bits/s downloads. System was running 10 to 12 times better for months.

  I say scary, because from an external perspective if the users have good
  radio signal, can be
  looked at with the Karlnet Configurator, and all ping then I assume the
  is fine. This was not true.

  I swapped Radio Cards, AP-1000, and tried removing users from the system to
  see if
  a Client was causing the problem. Nothing improved even as I shut down all
  users and
  operated only one client with the AP-1000.

  Final fix was moving all client radios and the AP to another channel ( Ch
  9 ).

  I then used Net Stumbler to look for RF on the original channel ( ch 11 ) in
  the area
  and found nothing.

  On Ch 9 and Ch 11 the noise level at the AP-1000 is -73 DB. The typical
  noise level
  at each client is approximately -85 DB.

  Any comments or similar experience.

  Rick Snider, PE
  Hillcountry Networks


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  Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 14:52:07 -0600
  From: "Steve Loomis" <loomiss@cox.net>
  Subject: Re: [Karlnet] More on System Delays and Locks
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  Just a comment, we have a similar setup to yours with a similar mix of 
  equipment. The noise levels we have are running in the -80's on sites with 
  tower top amps and hi -80's to low -90's if no amp is used. We re mostly 
  rural.  Our speeds are pretty consistant, but at times customers do complain 
  of slowdowns to the tune of 200kbps. We attribute that to occasional 
  interference to our 5.8gig links.  My concern is your relatively high noise 
  level.  Changing channels probably just got you away from a very severe 
  noise source.  I know this isn't much help, but I wanted you to know the 
  system can work.
  We are routed also, that was a major improvement.  We have other parts of 
  the system running Trango, Alvaion and Waverider equipment spread out over a 
  rather large area and multiple towers fed by point to multipoint Trango 
  equipment.  Once we reached a certain size we had to go from a totally 
  bridged to a routed network. This alone really stabilized the whole network 
  and made it very consistant.  Just food for thought...

  Steve Loomis
  Vroomwireless Inc.

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  Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 15:16:12 -0600
  From: David Dietrich <david@countrysky.net>
  Subject: [Karlnet] Relay error on list messages
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  I've been getting errors when i try to post...


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