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[na-user] BA1DU confuses NA 10.43

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Subject: [na-user] BA1DU confuses NA 10.43
From: Ron Wetjen <> (Ron Wetjen)
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 23:58:27 +0000
Ralph Parker wrote:

> On a third matter, I can't get NA to send cw out the com port when 
> running in a DOS window in Windows 95. I have to restart the computer 
> and send it into DOS mode before W-95 starts. Then all is OK.
> Also, I can use the keyer plus the paddle but not PTT, or the keyer 
> and PTT but not the paddle. Otherwise the computer locks up and sends 
> dots untill I quit NA and reset the computer.  Any suggestions?

After every contest, this must be the most common question that Dave has
to answer!  He must get tired of this, so I'll save him the trouble ....

In my NA Manual, in "Section 1 - General Information", under "Computer
Hardware Requirements", it says "NA is designed to run on MS-DOS
computers using Disk Operating System (DOS) version of 3.0 or later"

Running NA in a DOS window, does not guarantee NA will work correctly
(yes, it may work in one computer just fine, but it may not work in

73, Ron

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