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[NA-User] Windows XP and USB ports

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Subject: [NA-User] Windows XP and USB ports
From: k9tm at (k9tm)
Date: Sun Jul 6 14:40:55 2003
NA does not talk USB.  You need a USB to RS232 serial device which has a
device driver which acts like a traditional COM port.  This way as far as NA
is concerned it is talking to a COM port... even though it is just a driver
acting like the hardware NA was written to talk to.  Keep in mind that it
must totally emulate the hardware meaning IRQ and all.  Some of these
USB/Serial devices do not.  Also, some say 1 USB to multiple COM ports.  The
problem is that they use IRQ sharing and NA does not support that.

It is not your version of NA.

The next question is going to be what are you planning to do under XP?  If
it is just talking to the radio you will likely have some success.  If you
want cw sent by the com or lpt port... you're in for an uphill battle where
you need more drivers and crap.  XP like NT, 2000, etc don't want you to
control the hardware... thank Bill for this, he and his friends think you
only run Word, Excel and Outlook on your PC.

The other option is that you can use pcmcia serial ports.  I use the single
and dual versions found at

73 Tim K9TM

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> Subject: [NA-User] Windows XP and USB ports
> I own a registered copy of NA 10.2.  I am trying to use it with
> my new Dell 5100 laptop which has USB ports only.  I can obtain
> USB to serial converters.  How do I configure the program to talk
> to USB ports?  Do I need to upgrade to a later version of NA?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Ted Colby, W0RA
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