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From: "Harry van Enckevort" <Harry.van.Enckevort@tiscali.nl>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 22:13:56 -0000
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Hello there,
Let me start wid stating that I do not have the foggiest on which
reflector, discussion group etc this message ends up. The recent changes
in the existing groups (in particular Yahoo) were "too much" fer
me..therefore kindly ask to pass it on to any Orion group I may miss.

Have been following all discussions re Orion since the introduction in
Charlotte march last year es want to add now some points I believe I
have not seen before. Have been a Ten Tec only user since 1979 (Omni D>B
1979 ; Omni 6+  1998)so not much thinking required to decide to order
one after a while (version 1.358) 

I received mi Orion 4 weeks ago (ordered just prior to Dayton hi) so
waited 4 months es must say it is a fantastic rig; have been playing wid
it now 4 weeks es feel still impressed but also feel have a lot to learn
I feel I do have 4 "minor" problems I wud like to address on these pages
es ask fer feedback .  As a CW operator only wid plans to do some
digital modes es voice modes later es in contests I decided to order the
Heil Studo one  mic :

SSB/FM  mode not done yet ; serious tests on the air planned fer this
week though; did some testing via the monitor es it looks as if the VOX
settings (trip level - gain) above 5% are all useless unless I put mi
lips "in" the mic (at least fer mi voice level) ....yes I set mi EQ to
-14db es the Speech processor to 3 or 4 es the mic gain at least at
50..seems to work well but only when VOX trip level set below  5%
...also QSK delay cud have at least 1 second more dela - is this done
fer the dig modes ?  - mi Omni 6+ has I think at least one second more
delay ; usefull when U use slow speed wid a hand key es dot not want to
hear the receiver between dats es dishes.

As said I have what I think 4 minor "bugs"  (or aren't they bugs?????).
Mi version is 1.358  aug 25 

1. This is of real concern to me : FM mode > when I set the mode in the
main RX (not the sub) on FM I OFTEN (not always) get a continuous nasty
tone in both the headphones es the speaker. Going to CW mode (or any
other) makes the audio inaudible (think loose it completely) es I have
to switch the rig off es on agn to regain normal condition ie audio.
Hope this is not caused by a bad audio chip ??!!!  I do have gud
experience wid sending mi OMNI 6+ (genious simplicity in operating !!)
to the factory fer repair (once) ........ as a EU customer I cannot send
the rig back fer refund; wud loose the TAX paid on importation es think
it is not the time yet to have the rig sent to the factory fer repair.
(do not want that anyhow es the 30 days are passed) 
Of course I never exclude this may be be necessary sometime though ; but
do hope this can be fixed via firmware upgrade or is caused by some
parameter setting (squelch?? - tried but no cure) 

2. Using B/A button OFTEN sets mode to USB .. 

3. RIT/XIT does not work when TX is set to VFO B (also not when VFO B RX
is main receiver - it took me 3 weeks to discover this!  hi 

4. Sometimes the VFO B frequency "jumps" to the dashed lines when
transmit on VFO A as if the VFO B enter knob was selected.This  may
happen only when VFO B was just set back from diversity to "split" but
not sure on that

I so far have not been able to find any logic/coherence/connection re
the circumstances/parameter setting (use 4 vy similar user profiles -
CW) which make these things happen.

Any light/ah must be this.... on this ?

Feedback is vy vy welcome; wil address these to TT later this week wid
quite a few suggestions as well. Have not seen the survey papers (yet??)

Tks fer input/coments/advise  !!
Mail to PA3ARM@arrl.net

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